StuI have been working with Lee for around two months now.  Even though I have read several books on the mind body connection to back pain and other issue, I still found his assistance a great advantage to my personal recovery.  Both family and friends have all noticed a massive change in me since we started our sessions and that in itself is a major boost to me. I feel that I can now finally move on and strive forward in both my personal and working life. My pain is now at a minimum and my attitude to dealing with pain and emotional issues are now greatly improved for the better.  I cant thank Lee enough and I would certainly recommend him to anyone with chronic pain and or emotional problems.

Leon – I would like to share my experience working with Lee.

Over 6 months I lost 2 and half stone, spending most of my day on the toilet and it didn’t matter how much I ate and drank I was still losing weight. I felt scared because the symptoms appeared to be out of my control.

After exhausting all the medications the doctors could give me, my options were surgery and a colostomy bag which scared the life out of me. Knowing what Lee done, I spoke to him to see whether there was a mind body relationship as there wasn’t a physical cause for my symptoms.

In our sessions I discovered the depth and length of the problem. It turned out that the cause was from some close family relationship issues which wasn’t addressed through fear 5 years ago, which coincidentally was around the time I first started to experience mild stomach symptoms.

Once I dealt with the family member and lots of other family healing, my symptoms got 90% better within a month.

This Journey has helped me feel much better as a person. Thank you Lee

Eloise – I have to share my incredible experience with Lee Johnson- a pain coach who I saw for a period of two months. He gave me a clear understanding of the origins of my back pain and it evolved that I was carrying around a burden of hurt that I’d not properly dealt with from the past. Due to this I was able to have hope that I could be free of pain, wean totally off my medications and have a new lease of life for the future! Something that I was told would never be the case!

This in itself was life-changing and that’s before mentioning the life coaching approach to change my perspective on life’s challenges, any self-doubt and confidence etc.

With my new lease of life I’ve quit my job, sold all of my possessions and taken myself off travelling the world!!!

I can not recommend Lee highly enough. He is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, he listens and makes you feel heard, he’s approachable and everything else that you’d expect from somebody so professional.

Thank you so so very much for all of your help and support!

Matthew Working with Lee really helped me to see the bigger picture and now that I understand much better what’s really going on, I can do something about it. I am very grateful for having this new perspective because before this I was lost and was only focusing on physical health which helped me but after a while I wasn’t seeing any improvement and was beginning to lose hope. I’m 5 sessions in currently and I’ve made some big changes and have seen great results thank you. I finally feel like I’m going the right direction and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in chronic pain.

Kate – I have suffered with worsening back pain for the last 7 years. After seeing almost every related department in the Hospital to try and find a diagnosis and root cause for my pain I was at my wits end. I had endured numerous spinal injections, physio sessions, acupuncture and was heavily addicted to extremely strong pain medication which was altering my mood and ability to function at work. I contacted a Private Spinal Surgeon in the hope of being accepted for surgery, however, I was informed that there was nothing untoward showing on my scans to warrant this. The realisation that my future was going to be riddled with pain caused me to spiral into deep depression and at the age of 28 years I was concerned about finding a partner and starting a family.

A friend suggested that I should try Lee’s approach. After attending the free consultation it felt extremely beneficial to be able to relate to someone that had been in the same situation as me and fully recovered.

I cannot thank Lee enough for making me come to the realisation that there was nothing structurally wrong with my back. I no longer live in fear that the pain is going to flare up. No more am I a prisoner to my pain! I have resumed all physical activity and I have never felt stronger! Not only has my back pain resolved, this method has helped me going forward in all aspects of my life!

Tom – It was the end of January 2014 where I had run out of options before surgery. I’d had 10 months of chronic back pain, 6 months off work and 3 months bed ridden.

I heard of a healing modality that addressed the emotion relationship with pain in the body. I’d spent thousands of pounds on massage, chiropractors, Physiotherapy, scans, injections and many more modalities with little to no lasting effect.

Within 4 days of working with Lee I was able to walk 1/2 mile with no problem. The empowering aspect of this type of work is that you take responsibility for your own recovery; this has the potential to open new doors in your life. I went from strength to strength, after 4 weeks of using nothing but this system, with no medication, no band aids or help, I was back to work and fully mobile.

That was 2 years ago, I’m currently living a healthy happy life in the tropics, Cheers Lee!

David – I do not think any of us will ever understand the human mind, but you have taken me on a fascinating journey to make me understand a little on how it works.

I have suffered with ME (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome) and the constant fatigue / pain over the last 20 years has not been pleasant. My visits to you have helped me understand how in the sub-conscious we store many things that we would rather be without.

You have given me the mental tools to work with and the difference is remarkable. At the end of last year I could only play 8 holes of golf sitting on a buggy, now I am playing 18 holes of golf – walking!!!

You have transformed my life, my golfing friends are still amazed at my transformation in walking 18 holes, the golf could be better, BUT with my new approach I believe I am on my way.

Charlie – After my back literally gave way back in Feb 2015 I was really scared and confused, not really understanding how badly my back was injured and why I had ended up on the floor. Lee, you open my mind and eyes to the connection between my blocked emotions and my physical health and as a result my emotional and physical health is going from strength to strength. Before, when my body “twinged” or seemed to cease up I would stop moving and it usually got worse, but now, with your encouragement and the knowledge you have given me about how my body is reacting to stress and fear, I am now able to breath into it and move through it knowing I simply need to release it and let go.

The safe space you offered me to be able to talk through some difficult memories and experiences was precious. You have such a reassuring and gentle way about you that feels completely non-judgmental.

I was most impressed by how you helped me overcome the physical pain I still held within my body after a difficult pregnancy. It is a wonderful feeling to be making friends with my body, knowing it is strong and powerful. Thank you Lee. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to release themselves from years of bodily pain and blocked emotions.

Jill – Lee helped me to understand the connection between mind and body in relation to my long-term back pain.
By talking and goal setting I am now a stronger person both mentally and physically.

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