I would like to share my experience working with Lee.

Over 6 months I lost 2 and half stone, spending most of my day on the toilet and it didn’t matter how much I ate and drank I was still losing weight. I felt scared because the symptoms appeared to be out of my control.

After exhausting all the medications the doctors could give me, my options were surgery and a colostomy bag which scared the life out of me. Knowing what Lee done, I spoke to him to see whether there was a mind body relationship as there wasn’t a physical cause for my symptoms.

In our sessions I discovered the depth and length of the problem. It turned out that the cause was from some close family relationship issues which wasn’t addressed through fear 5 years ago, which coincidentally was around the time I first started to experience mild stomach symptoms.

Once I dealt with the family member and lots of other family healing, my symptoms got 90% better within a month.

This Journey has helped me feel much better as a person. Thank you Lee