I have suffered with worsening back pain for the last 7 years. After seeing almost every related department in the Hospital to try and find a diagnosis and root cause for my pain I was at my wits end. I had endured numerous spinal injections, physio sessions, acupuncture and was heavily addicted to extremely strong pain medication which was altering my mood and ability to function at work. I contacted a Private Spinal Surgeon in the hope of being accepted for surgery, however, I was informed that there was nothing untoward showing on my scans to warrant this. The realisation that my future was going to be riddled with pain caused me to spiral into deep depression and at the age of 28 years I was concerned about finding a partner and starting a family.

A friend suggested that I should try Lee’s approach. After attending the free consultation it felt extremely beneficial to be able to relate to someone that had been in the same situation as me and fully recovered.

I cannot thank Lee enough for making me come to the realisation that there was nothing structurally wrong with my back. I no longer live in fear that the pain is going to flare up. No more am I a prisoner to my pain! I have resumed all physical activity and I have never felt stronger! Not only has my back pain resolved, this method has helped me going forward in all aspects of my life!