I have to share my incredible experience with Lee Johnson- a pain coach who I saw for a period of two months. He gave me a clear understanding of the origins of my back pain and it evolved that I was carrying around a burden of hurt that I’d not properly dealt with from the past. Due to this I was able to have hope that I could be free of pain, wean totally off my medications and have a new lease of life for the future! Something that I was told would never be the case!

This in itself was life-changing and that’s before mentioning the life coaching approach to change my perspective on life’s challenges, any self-doubt and confidence etc.

With my new lease of life I’ve quit my job, sold all of my possessions and taken myself off travelling the world!!!

I can not recommend Lee highly enough. He is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, he listens and makes you feel heard, he’s approachable and everything else that you’d expect from somebody so professional.

Thank you so so very much for all of your help and support!