After my back literally gave way back in Feb 2015 I was really scared and confused, not really understanding how badly my back was injured and why I had ended up on the floor. Lee, you open my mind and eyes to the connection between my blocked emotions and my physical health and as a result my emotional and physical health is going from strength to strength. Before, when my body “twinged” or seemed to cease up I would stop moving and it usually got worse, but now, with your encouragement and the knowledge you have given me about how my body is reacting to stress and fear, I am now able to breath into it and move through it knowing I simply need to release it and let go.

The safe space you offered me to be able to talk through some difficult memories and experiences was precious. You have such a reassuring and gentle way about you that feels completely non-judgmental.

I was most impressed by how you helped me overcome the physical pain I still held within my body after a difficult pregnancy. It is a wonderful feeling to be making friends with my body, knowing it is strong and powerful. Thank you Lee. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to release themselves from years of bodily pain and blocked emotions.