IBS Reduced by Talking Therapy

A new study has proved that IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can be resolved with talking therapies e.g. Health Coaching.

See an article on this topic here:

This is great news, as this is a condition that I have helped clients resolve for years, so the publication of this to a wider audience is fantastic, as it will enable more people to resolve their symptoms.

For more information on the symptoms that I work with, please click the following link:


As humans we know how important venting is.

That’s why buildings have air bricks fitted and engines have breathers fitted to allow the engine to vent.

If these things were not put in place then wooden floors would rot and engines would blow gaskets.

The animal kingdom appears to use this principle more instinctively, when a zebra has narrowly missed death from a lion, it will shake, twitch and jump around, venting and discharging the emotional charge.

However, when it comes to us living in the modern world, we don’t often take the time to vent and discharge from what is bothering us.

Instead we tend to bottle it all up until dis-ease or pain strikes.

Allow a little time to each day to acknowledge how you are feeling and vent the tension in any way you know how.

A few ideas are kick, scream, punch, write, draw, ring a towel, talk or run.

Go Pain Go - Elephant