About Me

Hi, my name is Lee and I am a Health Coach based in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK – Specialising in a new therapy type used as an alternative method to treat pain.

Me, like thousands of others have experienced pain at both ends of the spectrum, spending thousands of pounds over many years, trying various treatments that unfortunately had no long lasting effects.

In 2005, I experienced debilitating back pain which led me to spend months in bed, due to being in complete agony….. Meaning I can fully empathize with anyone going through the isolation and frustration that pain can bring.

image1Over a number of years with pain management and physiotherapy, I was able to slowly function again, however, the pain never fully went away, instead I found that the pain would just fluctuate from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ days, but I could never really understand what I had done different, to cause a ‘bad day’.

For me, real recovery started when I decided to work on my own emotional well-being and in addition, overcoming the fear of movement.

During those years I developed my self-awareness which allowed me to work through my old stored up emotions that were unknowingly causing my pain.

DeadliftThis process eventually led to my body being fully restored from a delicate piece of equipment, to a fabulous tool that now loves to be moved and exercised in many ways.

Most importantly, I now trust my body and have the confidence that it can handle any exercise or sport that I now choose to take part in.

I have spent many years gaining a wealth of knowledge on the mind-body connection and how our emotions can really impact us emotionally and physically.

I am now combining this life experience with the following qualifications:

So if you are suffering with Pain or know someone who is, then please feel free to contact me and I look forward to speaking with you.

Lee 🙂

Email: Lee@gopaingo.com
Mobile: 07786 803818

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